Monday, January 12, 2015

Advanced Metrics Explained, or, Fancystats 101

Lately throughout the NHL people have been using “advanced statistics”, or as I like to call them, fancystats, to better quantify a player’s quality, or a team’s quality.  Some “old school” blowhards like to disregard them because they feel people who swear by them “don’t watch the game” (seriously you’ll see a variant of that phrase in countless message boards and said countless times by former players and the like).  I personally feel that they’re usually a pretty good predictor of a team’s chances to win, and they only enhance my viewing of a game. Unfortunately, some of the phrases can be pretty daunting, so here I made a glossary of various advanced statistics that you might see come up in a discussion, with simpler explanations than I usually see for them. Enjoy.