Sunday, January 27, 2013

All 30 NHL Jerseys Ranked, #4-1

Here is is, the cream of the crop, the top 4 jerseys in all the NHL, according to me. Same rules apply, pics from NHL shop, and just home jerseys.

4.       NJ Devils
This is one of those jerseys that always looks nice.  The logo is amazing, and there aren’t so many colors and piping to distract from it.  A jersey that hasn’t been changed often, and it’s easy to see why.  A relatively (compared to the top 3 on our list) modern classic.

3.       Toronto Maple Leafs
I know I rag on the Leafs quite a bit.  But there’s something utterly timeless about this one.  Yes they changed the leaf in the middle a couple times, but I think the current one looks great.  It's not often when every version of the jersey (home, away, and third) look great.  Unfortunately it’s usually on drunken Leafs fans…

2.       Montreal Canadiens
A classic.  Possibly the most iconic hockey jersey there is (of course raising the Cup 24 times does that too).  Really you can’t go wrong with this, which makes it a bit upsetting when they pull out crazy third jerseys.

And now..the number 1 hockey jersey in the league... (drumroll)...

1.       Chicago Blackhawks
The quintessential hockey jersey.  Yes I’m a Blackhawks fan, but you cannot deny that this jersey is a thing of beauty in every sense of the word.  One of the few jerseys that hasn’t had any serious redesigns in years, and you can see why.  We’re pretty lucky to have such awesome threads.

So, what do you think?  Any that should be moved? Are there any fans of the Nashville thing?  Let me know in the comments.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

All 30 NHL Jerseys ranked, #10-5

So, now that we've had a little break, on to the top 10 jerseys in the league right now.  Same rules, as always, apply, and here's 10-5.

10.       Edmonton Oilers
After an ill-fated adventure with a darker blue, the Oilers went back to the bright blue and orange that defined their team in the Gretzky days.  

9.       Philadelphia Flyers
One of the few jerseys that isn’t Red, Black or Blue, this one is another jersey that doesn’t need to be updated.  The Flyers have created a distinctive identity with this logo and jersey that compliments it, and have had some great success too.

8.       Columbus Blue Jackets
A nice solid jersey that compliments a great logo.  Admittedly, the jersey before the EDGE redesign (with the stars down the sleeves) and the third jersey for the Jackets are better, but this is still an excellent jersey that no fan would mind wearing.  Now if only they could play as well as they look.

7.       Carolina Hurricanes
A really nice jersey, with an awesome attention to detail.  While the logo and shoulder patches are great, what really sets this into the top 10 is the hurricane flags on the waist trim.  I think it’s a really cool and unique use of a space that usually just has whole stripes or nothing.

6.       Boston Bruins
Certainly an old school jersey.  This one has been in use pretty much forever, and it’s easy to see why.  A classic logo with a jersey design that perfectly complements it, this really is one of those jerseys that needs no replacement or supplemental jersey.

5.       St Louis Blues
A great jersey, although the Blues ones have seen better days (the third jerseys for the Blues are fantastic as well).  Adding the piping on it does make it a bit busy, but still, it’s hard not to like seeing that blue note on blue.  Certainly worthy of being in the top 5 jerseys out there.

Well, if you've been following along, you already know who's made the top 4, now it's just what order they're in.  To find out the thrilling conclusion, tune in tomorrow.

Monday, January 21, 2013

All 30 NHL Jerseys Ranked, #21-30

So, after yesterday, when I ranked the middle 10 jerseys, here's the bottom of the barrel.  Same rules apply, only home jerseys, and the pictures are from NHL shop.

21. NY Islanders
One of those jerseys that reverted back to its old color scheme after a few years of bizarre decisions (see the fisherman logo from96).

22.  Minnesota Wild
I’m not as big a fan of this jersey as I am of their thirdjersey, but this one isn’t terrible, it just for some reason doesn’t look good, and I can’t put my finger on why.

23.  Buffalo Sabres
This jersey would be up higher if it weren’t for one little thing.  Numbers on the front of the uniform. I hate it.  It’s so asymmetrical.

24..    Ottawa Senators
There’s nothing really wrong with this, I just never liked the new logo for the Sens.  The old one looked cool, this one feels generic.

25.      Vancouver Canucks
EXPLODING ORCA! I know, Vancouver hasn’t had a good history with hockey jerseys, but after over a decade, I still have no idea why an orca is frozen in ice in the shape of a C.  It doesn’t make a lick of sense.

26.       Anaheim Ducks
BOOOORRRRIIINNNGGGG.  After the really cool Mighty Ducks jersey, Anaheim went a total 180 and made the most boring jersey they could imagine. Luckily they have bad imaginations, because otherwise this would be 30

27.       San Jose Sharks
This jersey would be ok, if not for the numbers on the front.  They throw off the whole thing and make a blank replica look more appealing.  Unfortunately, the team for some reason does have numbers on the front, though I couldn’t tell you why.

28.       Calgary Flames
Really the only think keeping this jersey from the top 15 or so is the fact that the logo is black.   It looks bad. I know you can’t have a red logo on a red jersey, but the third jersey for Calgary looks soooo much better, and that one is fantastic.  This? I can’t stand it.

29.       Dallas Stars
This is, without a doubt, the most boring jersey in existence.  Really, I don’t know what prompted the Stars to go from a serviceable but not excellent jersey to the most boring jersey ever in existence.  Are they scared people in their home rink won’t remember where they’re from?  Is it some sort of defense against a franchise relocation? I don’t know, but it’s stupid and bad and ugly.  The only thing keeping it from the bottom is…

30.   Nashville Predators
SOOOO GODAWFULLY YELLOW!  I know I’ve ragged on the rest of the league for only having 3 colors, but really, that wasn’t an invitation to make your team the most hideous things ever.  Really, I have trouble watching Preds home games because I can’t stand to see 5 of these unis on the ice at a time.  I’ve come up with a few inappropriate nicknames for these, but I won’t share them here.

So, now you've seen the worst, next up is the best, numbers 6-10 on our countdown will be!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

All 30 NHL Jerseys Ranked, #11-20

So, to celebrate the NHL's return, I've decided to rank all 30 NHL jerseys 1-30.  This post will be the middle part, to get the boring parts out of the way now.  Note, I'm only ranking HOME jerseys here, not thirds, and not aways, so let's get this countdown underway!

All pictures are from the NHL shop website

20.       Pittsburgh Penguins
Admittedly, I’ve knocked this jersey down a few spots because I always preferred the flying penguin from the 90s.  Also the dark gold just exemplifies the move that the whole league seemingly has made away from vibrant colors and into dark, duller hues.  I don’t like it.

19.       LA Kings
Another team that has darkened their jerseys over the years, from the super vibrant colors in the 70s to supremely dark today.  It’s not bad, but I just can’t bring myself to love it.

18.       Tampa Bay Lightning
The Lightning changed their logo and jerseys a few years ago, and I like it.  I liked the old one too, but this one is much simpler, more classic looking.  It looks alright.

17.       Winnipeg Jets
The newest NHL team, and I have to say, I wished True North would have taken the jersey from the 90s instead of this bland bland attire.  It’s not ugly, or bad per se, but it just looks boring.

16.       Florida Panthers
I like this.  It’s nice, and has a great big logo (it seems some teams don’t like to have huge logos on their sweaters), still it seems kind of cookie cutter, which happens in the middle of the pack.

15.       Washington Capitals
This is alright, but not really anything to write home about.  Admittedly the Capitals haven’t really had any jerseys I’ve liked, and this is ok, just ok.  

14.       Phoenix Coyotes
I’ve kinda liked this.  Another big logo, and I like the color.  Though, like other teams, the Yotes went from a really loud, attention grabbing jersey (which I liked), to one that was more drab and subdued.

13.       Colorado Avalanche
I’ve always liked this jersey, ever since the team moved from Quebec (whose jersey I liked too).  This is one of those great 90s jerseys that (mercifully) hasn’t changed since.

12.       Detroit Red Wings
It would be hard for me to keep the exploding tire (perfectly indicative of Detroit’s auto industry) out of the top half.  It’s not terrible, but I’m not a big fan of it, or the Stupidheads.

11.       NY Rangers
Closing out this portion of the countdown, the Rangers have a great color scheme, the only thing keeping it from the top 10 is the lack of a logo on the jersey.  It’s iconic, I know, but It’s just easy to mimic and imtate.

Check back later for numbers 21-30, including some garish stuff.

Monday, January 7, 2013


As I'm sure you're aware, the NHL and the players have come to a tentative agreement on a new CBA and a shortened season likely to start next week.

Which, of course, means that hopefully I'll be making it to more NHL games in the near future.  Obviously because the new schedule hasn't even come out yet, I don't have any definite dates for games yet, but I do have a few I'd like to check off on my list.

I'd like to knock off some/all of the teams below

  • Columbus (easy to get to and cheap, probably about the most certain of these games)
  • Pittsburgh (still easy to get to, but more expensive certainly)
  • Detroit (sucks)
  • Tampa/Florida
  • Carolina?
  • Maybe, just maybe if the season goes long enough and the stars align, Vancouver