Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years in DC!

So, for game 2 of my excursion, I went to beautiful Washington DC, which happens to be one of my favorite cities.  While I was there, I went to a game between the Capitals and Tampa Bay, which, as it stood, had serious implications, as the two were tied coming into the game.

Now, I like the Verizon Center, it's relatively new (from 1997), and it is perfectly situated in the city, right smack on top of a Metro stop.  The place is great, and the team is also very very good.  Again, this pic is from early warmups, and most people got there shortly before the puck dropped.  I guess I'm just an early bird.

One incredibly interesting tidbit about the venue is that the Capitals branding, or promotion, or whatever, is called "Building America's Hockey Capital".  That, taken by itself, is perfectly normal.  Washington DC is America's capital, and they want to build a strong fanbase, so that's fine.  So, for that promotion, they made advertisements, and here's a link to one of them.

EDIT: Somebody removed the original video, so here's an old commercial featuring Alex Ovechkin.  There's one on the NHL website, but it wouldn't embed here.
So here's the link for it:

That's similar enough to the opening introduction that it shows my point.  What do they use for "building America's Hockey Capital"?  Steelworkers.  Makes sense, obviously.  Of course, when the steel industry comes to mind, what city springs forth?  Pittsburgh.  The same Pittsburgh that's home to the Penguins, who are the Capital's big rival for the past 5 or so years.  Ergo, before a Capital's home game, they glamorize the main historical industry of the town with their big rival.

Please tell me where that makes sense.

Obnoxious tangent aside, the Capitals were coming off a great Winter Classic defeat of (you guessed it), the Pittsburgh Penguins.  In a thrilling overtime game, where I thought I may see my first shootout, the Lightning won 1-0.  Still, the game was utterly fantastic.

Also, now home teams are 0-2 in games I go to.

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  1. First NHL shootout, you mean. Remember the epic playoff game when the (Danville) Wings finally won in a shootout? I swear it was 3 am before they decided that game. What was it, three overtimes before they finally went to a shootout?