Saturday, September 1, 2012

Into the Pond

The next destination on my hockeysee took me to the former Pond of Anaheim (now the Honda center, because they don’t like cool things I guess), where the (formerly Mighty) Ducks play hockey against the Predators from Nashville.

Besides driving past the largest tumbleweed in existence (it was literally the size of a VW Beetle), making it to the game was rather uneventful.  It was a day game, but still the arena had to be the quietest place I’ve seen, even when the game got going. Maybe it was a bad representation of the place, but man was it quiet.


The Honda Center is a pretty basic, by the books arena.  This far afterwords, I really can’t remember anything distinctive about it, except the roof.

What are those?
Not sure what any of that is about.

The game, much like the arena it was in, was pretty nondescript. Anaheim scored an early shorthanded goal in the first, only to give away the lead in the third period.

While the game itself was uneventful, I must point out how I dislike the Ducks’ new jerseys.  WHY DOES EVERY TEAM HAVE TO WEAR BLACK, BLUE, OR RED? Seriously, this year, only 3 teams’ main jersey isn’t one of those (Nashville, who I’ve mentioned my distain for, Philadelphia, and San Jose). 

The old Ducks jersey was awesome eggplant, with a cool uneven stripe.  The new one just seems so lame and boring in comparison.

Well, that’s all I have for this installment, next up is the Shark Tank in San Jose.  See you as soon as I write that one!

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