Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Big Board

Here it is, a map of North America.

Now, each NHL city has at least one pin in it.  Cities with multiple teams (LA, New York) have multiple pins.  A lightish red pin means it is a team I have seen neither at home nor away.  A green pin (Currently in Tampa and Nashville) is a city that I have seen on the road, but not at home.  A blue pin (Right now in Chicago, Washington DC and Toronto) is a team I have seen at home.

I will update this as time goes by, hopefully organizing my planned trips on it was well.  I plan on putting in a picture of the updated board with each post or at the conclusion of each trip (as the board is pretty large, I will not be taking it with me from city to city.

I figure this is also a good time to discuss the state of my jersey collection.  In my travels, I hope to wear a jersey of the home team at each event (unless either a) the road team is the Blackhawks, or b) the game is in Detroit).  Sadly, I couldn't do this in Washington, as Capitals jerseys were actually difficult to come by for under an arm and a leg.

So, in order of acquirement, my current collection.

1) My first and favorite, the jersey of Roenick only gets brought out for special occasions, like games. (and yes, it's the only one I have a picture of).  Frankly put, the dude was a beast, and probably one of the best American players ever to take the ice.  Also, if you play NHL 93-95 with the Blackhawks, you will pretty much automatically win, just because of him.

2) A white Mario Lemieux Penguins jersey from the "Flying Penguin" phase of the team.  I bought it off eBay from Vietnam, or Singapore, or somewhere.  But, it's actually difficult to find a Flying Penguin.  The NHL's website doesn't sell them, even though you can buy jerseys from that era on their site.  I know this is because Mario likes the current and vintage "Skating Penguin" logo, but I always found it to be kind of dopey.

3) A current third jersey Blackhawks Marian Hossa.  Now, there's no big story behind this jersey, I needed one for my Mom when we went to Toronto, and Sports Authority has usually a selection of 3 players, in this case, Toews, Kane, and Hossa.

4) A Maple Leafs Kris Versteeg jersey.  When I went to the aforementioned game, he had just been traded at the deadline to Philadelphia.  As such, his jerseys were on clearance.  I knew he was a really good little player from last year in Chicago (and I was sad to see him go), so I figured it was a nice thing to have.  At worst, in a pinch, if I'm at a game Toronto's at, I can wear it.

5) A blank white Colorado Avalanche jersey.  Now, this was a find.  At the Canadian Tire I mentioned in the Toronto post, I saw it.  I'm pretty sure it has to be from the 90s, and what it was doing still there is a complete mystery.  Since it was from the 90s, that means it was actually a home jersey, and it was on clearance, and probably had been for 5 years or so.

6) A green Minnesota Wild practice jersey.  Here is where I'll give you all a little tip.  When looking for hockey jerseys, look at resale shops.  Especially in the US, where they are relatively rare at firsthand stores.  I found this little gem at a resale shop for $12.99.  Frankly put, you cannot beat that price.  This was also the same shop I found a Ladainian Tomlinson jersey for $12.99.  If you're not particularly picky about the team of jersey you get, go to a resale shop.

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