Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ice Wars: Episode V

Editor's Note: LA will get its own regular, typical post shortly.

The Death Staples Center
It is a dark time for the Predators.  After their victory against the Red Wings, they suffered a heartbreaking shootout defeat in San Jose.  Now they must travel to Los Angeles, where Darth Quick, an even stingier goaltender than Pekka Solo, melts opposing offenses into dust.  Even worse, the Kings multifaceted offensive attack has recently added superweapons like Lando Carter, to go with their already potent attack.

Soon after the beginning of the game, the Kings scored an even strength goal, to put the crowd of supporters into a frenzy.  Even after Wedge Erat put the puck past Darth Quick, the Kings responded with a flurry of goals past young Pekka Solo.  Even the efforts of the twin Kostitsyns, C-74 and R4D6 couldn’t stop Darth Quick’s rampage.

After the contest was over, the Predators are in shambles, with Pekka Solo frozen in solid ice, and the Predators are in danger of not only losing home ice in the first round, but of sliding all the way back into the 6 seed.

The Kings celebrate their obliteration of the Predators

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