Sunday, January 20, 2013

All 30 NHL Jerseys Ranked, #11-20

So, to celebrate the NHL's return, I've decided to rank all 30 NHL jerseys 1-30.  This post will be the middle part, to get the boring parts out of the way now.  Note, I'm only ranking HOME jerseys here, not thirds, and not aways, so let's get this countdown underway!

All pictures are from the NHL shop website

20.       Pittsburgh Penguins
Admittedly, I’ve knocked this jersey down a few spots because I always preferred the flying penguin from the 90s.  Also the dark gold just exemplifies the move that the whole league seemingly has made away from vibrant colors and into dark, duller hues.  I don’t like it.

19.       LA Kings
Another team that has darkened their jerseys over the years, from the super vibrant colors in the 70s to supremely dark today.  It’s not bad, but I just can’t bring myself to love it.

18.       Tampa Bay Lightning
The Lightning changed their logo and jerseys a few years ago, and I like it.  I liked the old one too, but this one is much simpler, more classic looking.  It looks alright.

17.       Winnipeg Jets
The newest NHL team, and I have to say, I wished True North would have taken the jersey from the 90s instead of this bland bland attire.  It’s not ugly, or bad per se, but it just looks boring.

16.       Florida Panthers
I like this.  It’s nice, and has a great big logo (it seems some teams don’t like to have huge logos on their sweaters), still it seems kind of cookie cutter, which happens in the middle of the pack.

15.       Washington Capitals
This is alright, but not really anything to write home about.  Admittedly the Capitals haven’t really had any jerseys I’ve liked, and this is ok, just ok.  

14.       Phoenix Coyotes
I’ve kinda liked this.  Another big logo, and I like the color.  Though, like other teams, the Yotes went from a really loud, attention grabbing jersey (which I liked), to one that was more drab and subdued.

13.       Colorado Avalanche
I’ve always liked this jersey, ever since the team moved from Quebec (whose jersey I liked too).  This is one of those great 90s jerseys that (mercifully) hasn’t changed since.

12.       Detroit Red Wings
It would be hard for me to keep the exploding tire (perfectly indicative of Detroit’s auto industry) out of the top half.  It’s not terrible, but I’m not a big fan of it, or the Stupidheads.

11.       NY Rangers
Closing out this portion of the countdown, the Rangers have a great color scheme, the only thing keeping it from the top 10 is the lack of a logo on the jersey.  It’s iconic, I know, but It’s just easy to mimic and imtate.

Check back later for numbers 21-30, including some garish stuff.

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