Monday, January 21, 2013

All 30 NHL Jerseys Ranked, #21-30

So, after yesterday, when I ranked the middle 10 jerseys, here's the bottom of the barrel.  Same rules apply, only home jerseys, and the pictures are from NHL shop.

21. NY Islanders
One of those jerseys that reverted back to its old color scheme after a few years of bizarre decisions (see the fisherman logo from96).

22.  Minnesota Wild
I’m not as big a fan of this jersey as I am of their thirdjersey, but this one isn’t terrible, it just for some reason doesn’t look good, and I can’t put my finger on why.

23.  Buffalo Sabres
This jersey would be up higher if it weren’t for one little thing.  Numbers on the front of the uniform. I hate it.  It’s so asymmetrical.

24..    Ottawa Senators
There’s nothing really wrong with this, I just never liked the new logo for the Sens.  The old one looked cool, this one feels generic.

25.      Vancouver Canucks
EXPLODING ORCA! I know, Vancouver hasn’t had a good history with hockey jerseys, but after over a decade, I still have no idea why an orca is frozen in ice in the shape of a C.  It doesn’t make a lick of sense.

26.       Anaheim Ducks
BOOOORRRRIIINNNGGGG.  After the really cool Mighty Ducks jersey, Anaheim went a total 180 and made the most boring jersey they could imagine. Luckily they have bad imaginations, because otherwise this would be 30

27.       San Jose Sharks
This jersey would be ok, if not for the numbers on the front.  They throw off the whole thing and make a blank replica look more appealing.  Unfortunately, the team for some reason does have numbers on the front, though I couldn’t tell you why.

28.       Calgary Flames
Really the only think keeping this jersey from the top 15 or so is the fact that the logo is black.   It looks bad. I know you can’t have a red logo on a red jersey, but the third jersey for Calgary looks soooo much better, and that one is fantastic.  This? I can’t stand it.

29.       Dallas Stars
This is, without a doubt, the most boring jersey in existence.  Really, I don’t know what prompted the Stars to go from a serviceable but not excellent jersey to the most boring jersey ever in existence.  Are they scared people in their home rink won’t remember where they’re from?  Is it some sort of defense against a franchise relocation? I don’t know, but it’s stupid and bad and ugly.  The only thing keeping it from the bottom is…

30.   Nashville Predators
SOOOO GODAWFULLY YELLOW!  I know I’ve ragged on the rest of the league for only having 3 colors, but really, that wasn’t an invitation to make your team the most hideous things ever.  Really, I have trouble watching Preds home games because I can’t stand to see 5 of these unis on the ice at a time.  I’ve come up with a few inappropriate nicknames for these, but I won’t share them here.

So, now you've seen the worst, next up is the best, numbers 6-10 on our countdown will be!

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