Monday, January 7, 2013


As I'm sure you're aware, the NHL and the players have come to a tentative agreement on a new CBA and a shortened season likely to start next week.

Which, of course, means that hopefully I'll be making it to more NHL games in the near future.  Obviously because the new schedule hasn't even come out yet, I don't have any definite dates for games yet, but I do have a few I'd like to check off on my list.

I'd like to knock off some/all of the teams below

  • Columbus (easy to get to and cheap, probably about the most certain of these games)
  • Pittsburgh (still easy to get to, but more expensive certainly)
  • Detroit (sucks)
  • Tampa/Florida
  • Carolina?
  • Maybe, just maybe if the season goes long enough and the stars align, Vancouver

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