Saturday, January 26, 2013

All 30 NHL Jerseys ranked, #10-5

So, now that we've had a little break, on to the top 10 jerseys in the league right now.  Same rules, as always, apply, and here's 10-5.

10.       Edmonton Oilers
After an ill-fated adventure with a darker blue, the Oilers went back to the bright blue and orange that defined their team in the Gretzky days.  

9.       Philadelphia Flyers
One of the few jerseys that isn’t Red, Black or Blue, this one is another jersey that doesn’t need to be updated.  The Flyers have created a distinctive identity with this logo and jersey that compliments it, and have had some great success too.

8.       Columbus Blue Jackets
A nice solid jersey that compliments a great logo.  Admittedly, the jersey before the EDGE redesign (with the stars down the sleeves) and the third jersey for the Jackets are better, but this is still an excellent jersey that no fan would mind wearing.  Now if only they could play as well as they look.

7.       Carolina Hurricanes
A really nice jersey, with an awesome attention to detail.  While the logo and shoulder patches are great, what really sets this into the top 10 is the hurricane flags on the waist trim.  I think it’s a really cool and unique use of a space that usually just has whole stripes or nothing.

6.       Boston Bruins
Certainly an old school jersey.  This one has been in use pretty much forever, and it’s easy to see why.  A classic logo with a jersey design that perfectly complements it, this really is one of those jerseys that needs no replacement or supplemental jersey.

5.       St Louis Blues
A great jersey, although the Blues ones have seen better days (the third jerseys for the Blues are fantastic as well).  Adding the piping on it does make it a bit busy, but still, it’s hard not to like seeing that blue note on blue.  Certainly worthy of being in the top 5 jerseys out there.

Well, if you've been following along, you already know who's made the top 4, now it's just what order they're in.  To find out the thrilling conclusion, tune in tomorrow.

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